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Experience A Taste of Lebanon

Savour Lebanese Delights - Mezze and Wine Pairing Experience

Embark on a culinary journey with us.


Savour Lebanese delights: Baklawa, Meghli, Tabbouleh – a symphony of flavours awaits

Food and Wine

Experience the culinary fusion of traditional Lebanese delights, enhanced by our curated selection of fine wines


Bring the taste of the Middle East to your events with our versatile catering and customizable menu of seasonal delights.

Lamb Shank
Mezze Symphony

Winter Mezze Symphony Menu

This offering is for guests not familiar with Lebanese dishes but eager to learn. The sharing of this meal is a main feature; hence, the offering is advised for 4 guests and above.


Platter for 2
Or more

This is a light meal platter enough for 2 to 3 people not familiar with Lebanese dishes. The platter is usually offered for our guests on our deck.



This menu highlights some of the finest Lebanese sweets and can be ordered individually or as combination of two or more, usually accompanied by the traditional Lebanese coffee.

Cheese Rakakaat

Full Menu

This menu is available on request for bookings in advance, catering, and offered during
special events; with limitations determined by seasonal availability of fresh ingredients &
with prices adjusted accordingly

Eggplant Fatteh

Wine List

For the more discerning clients and for the wine connoisseurs, we have a wide selection of South African wines chosen for their versatility and match to our dishes, ranging in price from R 300 per bottle and above.

For details, Geza, our wine steward shall be available for further information.

Food and Wine Pairing

Food & wine pairing events evolved by request from the workshop participants to involve their families and friends in an experience that exposes the participants to a short version interactive cooking session followed by lavish dinners matched by carefully selected wines for every dish on the menu.

For those discerning clients who prefer to choose their wines, our fully equipped wine bar offers, in addition to the finest that the Lourensford Wine Estate has to offer, a wide selection of vintage wines, auction wines and foreign wines. “Bring your own wine” is discouraged and accepted only under exceptional circumstances with a corkage fee of R 100 per bottle. Events can accommodate up to 48 sitting guests in a comfortable and luxurious environment.

Variations may include special guests such as wine personalities, gourmet media personalities etc. and can combine the art of cooking with the world of arts in general, giving a platform for various famous or upcoming painters, sculptors, musicians etc.

Bookings are essential. Events are either open to members on a first come first serve basis or can be booked by a group exclusively (see special events).

*Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of full payment. 

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more Information.

Catering and Services

Catering is an important part of our activity as it allows us to offer our clients a taste of the Middle East as described by our full menu on locations other than our venue. Availability of dishes is contingent upon seasonality and prices are negotiated accordingly. While our menu  offers our renditions of speciality Middle Eastern dishes our capabilities are far more extensive, hence, upon request we can accommodate a vastly more varied menu. Caterings will be accepted on a case by case basis with consideration given to minimum amounts and/or number of dishes requested, as well as services requested.


Pick-Up Service

Orders are accepted for minimum amounts of R 2,000.00 with a minimum of 50% deposit. Unless provided by client, dishes will be stored in disposable containers and will be available for pick up at pre-discussed times. Drinks are available on case by case basis without glassware included. Booking orders are suggested at least 2 days in advance at which time prices are determined.

Delivery Service

Orders are accepted for minimum amounts of R 5,000.00 with a minimum of 50% deposit. Dishes will be placed in disposable containers and drinks are available on a cases by case basis, without glassware included. Prices will reflect the additional cost of delivery and will vary according to distance and time of delivery. Bookings suggested at least 4 days in advance at which time prices are determined and agreed upon.

Special Service

Catering orders (including service) are accepted for minimum amounts of R 10,000.00 with a minimum of 50% deposit. Services including delivery, staff, crockery, cutlery, and glassware can be provided. Matching wines are suggested and can be provided with service included. Bookings have to be made at least 2 weeks in advance, at which time menu, services, and prices need to be finalized and confirmed.

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